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Stepping Into Your Own Life 

                          And Mastering The Self;

We All get thrown around by our emotions from time to time, and when it comes to managing life's (inevitable) pain 

and difficulties, some pretty straight forward changes can make immense difference for all of us, in our everyday lives. 

No Matter What The Situation,

All Things Will Pass, 

(though it may not always seem that way...)

So, when you need to talk, 

to make more discerning choices,

get some relief from painful emotions 

or difficult relationships 

or simply feel stuck and don't know what to do,

I invite you sit with me and explore some exiting new options.

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Louise Bourne  0400 083 903

Dip' Counselling / Dip' Life Coac​hing 

Dip' Psychotropic Plants / Full Member ACCA 

With years of experience in the helping professions and an abundance of skills, tools and training at my disposal,

I Invite You to discover what a 'successful life'  means to you. 


With a few simple tweaks, it's amazing how we can all 

learn to step into our own power more fully, 

face reality with courage and acceptance 

...and become more masterful of our own journey. 

Step Into Your Own Life 

​Master The Gift Of You

Pain & suffering often put us on the path

to the best things that will ever happen... Living Authentic.

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