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About Louise Bourne; 

Professional Counsellor, 

Personal Lifestyle Coach 


Having spent her early years in the UK, 

Louise has traveled to many countries and worked with individuals, 

groups & couples in the capacity of youth worker, lifestyle coach 

and professional counsellor. 

She is currently based in the Southwest of Western Australia.

A full member of ACCA, qualified counsellor and youth worker with many years experience in an area of life that can be super challenging for many of us,

Louise is continuously adding to her knowledge base, with training and experience in numerous areas, including individual, couples, youth and group work. 

Having both worked and studied extensively over the past two decades in the areas of addictive behaviors, including co addiction, men's and women's issues, mindfulness techniques as well as skillful ways of developing and sustaining quality friendships 

and healthier more authentic relationships.

"Being witness to those brilliant, clarifying, breakthrough moments 

that hold within them the seeds to change us in deep and profound ways, 

that's where the passion lies" ~Louise Bourne’ll find Louise working with people from all walks of life and backgrounds, 

helping them to help themselves, else she'll be sipping good coffee, studying philosophy, the laws of human nature or the fascinating workings of human psychology and some of the many ways we might enhance the quality of our lives,

...else she'll be off rambling somewhere out and about in nature 

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