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Louise Bourne

Better Life Positive Change Life Coach Louise Bourne

Positive Change Agent, Life Coach & Professional Counsellor, Louise Bourne

knows how to encourage & entice you toward being your best self by helping you to design the life that you want to create for yourself.

When you make positive change in your own life, the lives around you are also transformed & uplifted. You teach best by example. Personal development is contagious. Taking responsibility for yourself, for your own emotions, choices & actions will empower & liberate you & shift you to a more confident & sure footed place.

If you have been playing the blame game, you have been making yourself a victim & giving away your power. Blaming is popular, it is also limiting & stifling. It cuts us off from our true potential & keeps us feeling weak & powerless. It gives others the power by making them responsible for how you feel... & no body is responsible for how you feel, except you. This is your life & your journey. You have the choice & the power to manage & master your own emotions & when you do, you are set free. Welcome to the leaping off point, the place of no return.

When you are no longer fixed in some idea & belief of how things & people are supposed to be, you liberate yourself. You become an agent for change.

No longer a victim of circumstance.

As long as you make others' responsible for your feelings, you are like a puppet, allowing them to pull your strings. Look for the best in them always, then get on with cultivating your own life. It is never too late to make a new plan & shift toward a better life, toward your dreams & your own personal goals.

There are many 'ordinary' people in this world, doing extraordinary things. If you are seeking positive change in your life, wanting to shift from 'victim' to 'victor',

if you feel the need for a confidence boost, or would like to develop more honest & authentic relationships, personal coaching may be exactly what you are looking for. It is really good to know that the problems we face today, may well hold within them, our richest opportunities.  Looking for Clarity, Inspiration, Breakthrough?

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energy follows attention                                        

Observing your breath is quite peaceful, it is one of the ways you can learn to relax  
When life gets challenging, as it does, & will, take time to sit quietly & simply pay attention
to your breathing. Even when we are not in the least bit conscious or mindful of our breathing,

(which is most of the time for many of us!!) we breathe.
Blood pumps through our veins, our heart continues to beat & our finger nails grow
without us having to pay them any attention whatsoever.
We are given this gift of life & kept alive by default!

Setting aside 15 minutes a day to sit quietly and bring your awareness to your breath will change your life. It is rare for most of us to spend time in quiet contemplation of anything & until we do,
we will not be tuning in to our own inner thoughts, feelings & promptings.
Many of us fear being quiet & alone much more than we embrace it.
Our lives are filled with so many distractions & activities that this rushing around & distracting ourselves has become 'normal' & we do not know how to sit quietly on our own.

Taking even a little time for yourself each day, (again, 15 minutes is really good) to breathe, relax, spend some time in nature, sitting under a tree, watching the clouds sail across the sky or spending time near the ocean & breathing the fresh, clean air deeply into your lungs. These are perfect ways to get grounded & remind yourself of what it is that we really came here for. 
Want the good stuff in your life to get better? ...Then sit quietly, preferably in the morning when the day is fresh & new  (& you can do this no matter where you are)  begin to write a list of positive aspects, things you appreciate now, keep it simple, quiet yourself & see what springs to mind.
Once you begin, you'll be surprised, you will find many, many things that are so easy to appreciate;
the air that we breathe, & there is always more than enough of it, the warmth of the sun, a clear night sky or a small bird who comes to visit our garden or window ledge with a song for us.
Even in times of grief & loss we can find appreciation somewhere, perhaps that whomever or whatever we are missing was once here as a gift & a blessing in our lives. 
Writing about positive aspects in this way, listing a few simple things that are easy to embrace & enjoy, such as the gift of being alive, our eyes , our ears & our limbs which enable us to see, hear & touch life, or the love we feel for a pet cat or dog . There are so many simple yet profound things to appreciate  every day, which will bring with them more things to appreciate, I promise.
Try it & watch what happens.
When you focus on what makes you feel good & especially when you write about these things, you will manifest more of makes you feel good. This is a Universal Law...because energy follows attention.

My name is Louise Bourne.
I am a personal coach & counselor living & working in the Southwest of Western Australia. 
I love to see individuals finding better feeling thoughts about themselves & their life situation.
It is a privilege to walk with others a while as they learn simple & effective ways to release the stress, anxiety & sticky mess that codependency can create. 

My own journey has brought me to this place where I can share some inspiration & motivation
& help others set themselves on the path toward personal empowerment
& freedom.
Take a look around my website to find my contact details.
I can assist you in finding your own way to a happier, healthier life. 

Every journey begins with one small step.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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