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Did you learn to play yourself down in order to keep others happy & please them?   
You are not alone! Sacrificing your own self in the favor of others eventually leads to some place you don't really want to go.

Eventually the creative calls us back, whatever is inside wants to live itself out through us & it comes to demand us back.
You know, many people live in a state of frustration, irritation, sadness & resentment because they keep trying to find their happiness from external sources...this is a trap that we tire of because we come to the futility of it, we come to see that it never works! 
Are you exhausted, running around, trying to keep other people happy, trying to keep the peace, shutting up & putting up, or trapped in a complaining mind with a complaining mouth which you wish sometimes you had kept shut because you know enough to know it's your own doing. We learned to not like ourselves. The biggest cringe is on the inside. What you're talking about is what you're thinking about. What your thinking about is how you feel & how you feel is everything.
...are you reacting aggressively to your loves ones & later regretting it.
...or are you the avoidant, the one who disappears, side stepping any confrontation or negotiation. Denial is a kicker because where there are lies there is no trust. Suppression & avoidance in this way is a killer. It kills life, relationships, joy, fun & the pleasure that comes from connecting & sharing in a real & genuine way. When it comes to feelings, if we shut off the 'heavies', we shut down the good guys too, ...that's just the way it works, ...& without feeling our feelings we can function, day to day, yet we are barely living, like an eight cylinder vehicle running on three, a fraction life. It is no suprize that we get blockages & illness, as too a car would soon show signs & symptoms, post haste. One has to be in good shape in order to share the good stuff around. Physical, mental, emotional & grounded in the inherent power that is born into you. How do I share my life with others & not get lost in the process? I have to know who I am enough to not be too concerned about what other people think of me. There is so much liberation in that.

"I cannot give you the formula for success; but I can give you the formula for failure~

  which is; ...try to please everybody."      ~ Herbert S Swope

Good News!
Now you are here, looking for possibilities, change,
it's time to shed that skin!
The reason you feel irritable & discontent is because that's not who you are.

It's bullshit.

This is your life.

Shape It Into What You Want It To Be.

Its You Life ...LIVE IT!

Fear knocked Courage answered ...& there was nobody there.

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                                                                                                 "This above all else; To Thine Own Self Be True."    ~Shakespeare