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When you make positive change in your own life, 

the lives around you are affected by that change.

Taking responsibility for yourself, for your own emotions, 

choices & actions will free you up, 

so will dropping the care of what people think of you!

If you have been playing the blame game, 

you have been making yourself a victim & giving your power away. 

Blaming is popular, it is also limiting & potentially stifling. 

It cuts us off from our wisdom & keeps us feeling weak & powerless. 

It gives others the power by making them responsible for how we feel... 

& no body else is responsible for how we feel, not really. 

The choice & the power to manage our emotions is ours, really, 

& I don't mean suppress or block yourself off & hide behind a facade, 

bring yourself to the situation & find more genuine ways to relate. 

A lot of couples, or families are strangers living in the same house.

When do soul mates become cell mates?

Once you are no longer fixed in some idea & belief of how things 

& people are supposed to be, you liberate yourself, 

no longer a victim of circumstance.

As long as you make others' responsible for your feelings, you're like a puppet, 

allowing other people to pull your strings. 

That's not authentic living my friend, it does not feed the soul. 

It is never too late to make a new plan & shift toward making a better life 

or making the life we have a little bettereven in the simplest & smallest of ways. 

There are many 'ordinary' people in this world, doing extraordinary things. 

...& who knows, the problems we face today, 

may well hold within them, our richest opportunities for the best tomorrow.  

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